One year - So awesome


One year - So awesome

● October 21st 2013 ● Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Booth and Brennan!

↳ So what do you think happens now? Everything that happens next.

Why does it make me so happy  that every time I try to sneak a peek at you, you’re already looking at me?


(October 21st 2013)

 Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Booth and Brennan!

Anonymous asked: My science's teacher watches bones!!! I can't believe it!! Now she's my favorite teacher!!!<3<3

Ha! That’s awesome :))

My sister’s maths teacher also watches Bones. Darn it, why wasn’t he my teacher back in high school, haha.

B&B wedding posts all over my dash. LOVE.

It’s so surreal that B&B have been married for a year now (our time). Of course in the shows’s timeline, it’s probably been longer than that. But awww, it still blows my mind and makes me soooo happy that our perfect OTP is MARRIED!!!


Just look at these two…#adorkable