1-Month-Left Rewatch Day 6
Bones 9x06 The Woman in White

Christine’s birthday | Requested by ankarasizbirmarti

Anonymous asked: Hi :) I was wondering if you could do that scene in season 3 where Brennan hits Booth, and his fake funeral? :) Btw, I love all of your gifs :)

Just posted it :)

Aw and thank you very much!





Everyone is getting their deleted scenes and blooper reels…the Bones fandom continues to wait.


Someone I am sure will rip them off the DVD on Sept 15th if we have a generous Brit, if not then the 16th an American will do it. FOX definitely won’t release…

I’ll probably be able to upload it on the 15th :) I’m planning on buying it straight away and I have a dvd ripper :)

I can do it too on the 15th…if it arrives on time like it should! (Don’t let me down again Amazon, like you did last year!)

Sometimes I randomly think about how Bones is going to hit 200+ episodes next season (we already have 190!!) and it BLOWS ME AWAY. I’m so so proud of our show. :)


Bones - 8x10 - The Diamond in the Rough (BTS)