Just watched ‘The Boy with the Answer’ and Angela said “love” (as her reason for getting married) and BB looked at each other, and it made me whimper and kind of die inside. And then the ending scene where they zoom in on their hands letting go of each other and then the taxi and I just…

Oh babies, everything was so fucked up back then. Everything post 100th/pre 6x13 is painful as fuck to watch, even though I know everything turns out fine. Sigh.

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  3. boothblythe said: That part of the season is so painful and fucked up but I really like it at the same time because it had to happen for what we have now. Season 5 is by far my favourite season even with the sad parts. We got there and it paid off <3
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  8. imnotnormalimextraordinarytoo said: That moment is one of my favourites, even thought it’s so soul-crushing. You just want to shake the both of them and tell them to snap out of it already.
  9. backshootingford said: The latter half of season five—otherwise known as Those Episodes That Made Me Die Inside.
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  11. robmirex said: I cant watch the second half of season 5 and the first half of season 6. I dont care that I know how is gonna end I CANT WATCH x-(
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