Do you believe in fate? Absolutely not. Ludicrous.

imnotnormalimextraordinarytoo replied to your post: Bones Spoilers Ahead

LOL it’s going to be hilarious. (Though maybe bringing back some unfortunate memories for Booth, heh.)

Right? Heeee, you just know Brennan is going to have some golden lines.

I am way to excited about the little tidbit of information.

imnotnormalimextraordinarytoo replied to your post: The fact that David is so vehemently saying…

Ha, that’s exactly it. I bet Hart sat them down before the season started and told them what the end game was if S8 was the last, or if they got S9, so they know what’s what, hence the attitude change.

Bless David and his trolling ways.

He’s such a shit-stirrer and while sometimes it makes me roll my eyes, most of the time, it makes me laugh.

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